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Grace and Truth Baptist Church is a brand new church located in the 1890’s Kellogg Opera House of historic downtown Pleasant Hill. Since March of 2013 we have been hard at work restoring the aging building and making preparations for a great first year of ministry here in Cass County!

As a brand new church plant, we don’t have all of the bells and whistles of programs and state of the art facilities to tell you about… but we have a passion for God and a heart for people that’s contagious! We invite you to come by and see what God has been doing and get in on what He will do in the future. For now, here’s a little backstory so you can get to know us…

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Q & A: Why another church?

One of the first comments my wife and I heard as we began the work of starting Grace & Truth was, “Just what this town needs — one more church!” (Ouch!) But it’s true. There is certainly no lack of churches in Pleasant Hill. So, it only makes sense to ask the question: why another church?

Let’s look at that question from a perspective we can all relate to around here: the harvest. Jesus said that the harvest is plenteous, but the laborers are few. You know, it doesn’t really matter how many combines are sitting in the fields… when there is a harvest still waiting to be reaped, the need remains.

To be candid, plenty of people take their place in a church pew every Sunday morning, but that is as far as their Christianity takes them; it’s a spiritual checkmark on their list of  to-do’s, and that’s as far as it goes. But we believe genuine Christianity goes much farther than that! It reaches beyond the church walls and into our community, our homes, our jobs, our daily lives.

We believe that it is every Christian’s responsibility and privilege to take the truth of the Bible to the people God puts in their lives, and we are active in doing so! We like to call it “contagious Christianity”. It’s real, genuine change from the inside out — the kind of change that doesn’t come from just going to church on Sunday mornings and calling that good. In fact, it’s not about church. It’s not about bands, or programs, or activities. It’s about real Christian growth. It’s about real restoration and change from the inside out.

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